Community Services


Part of what makes the Ottawa Art Expo special is our dedication to the city of Ottawa and its surrounding communities. Not only does our expo benefit Ottawa by bringing people to the convention, as well as to the city. Every year, people from around the world come in droves to Ottawa to find meaning in art and culture. In a way, Ottawa, for the length of the art expo becomes the most culturally diverse place on earth. Perhaps even more spectacular than that is the fact that for a time, Ottawa becomes one of the largest cities in Canada.

This is what the art expo does for the community. It enriches the people in it and gives the city a great deal of commerce. This is just one of the ways in which the art expo brings wealth to the community not only financially, but also culturally. What’s more, is the art expo brings many people to the city that some of them end up staying and bolstering the community.

More than just an expo

More than just an art expo, the Ottawa Art Expo is a blessing to all of those that attend. Bringing culture to the city as well as commerce, some people actually stay in Ottawa and help build the community for many years to come. Something about the art expo gives the city a breath of life not only for the time in which the expo is going on, but long after. Something about the expo breathes life into the city for the entire year.

In holding the expo every year, we strengthen the community through support and cultural relevance. It is our job as artists and community members to show people how art influences our lives not just from a cultural perspective but a commercial one as well.