@DeltaOttawa thanks for the mention!

Getting ready for Day 2! Show starts at 10. See you then. #Ottawa #arts

Don't miss the final day of the 2014 Ottawa Art Expo. Free parking and free admission. 750 Ridgewood Avenue #art #Ottawa 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

RT @AliCatArt: Me? Up early...and on a Sunday no less?? Yep, preparing for the final day of @OttawaArtExpo from 10-5pm. Don't miss it.

A huge thankyou to Mayor @JimWatsonOttawa for coming to our gala and speak so thoughtfully. Your support has awlays meant so much to us

Follow this link to videos of last night's gala with artist interviews #0ttawaArtExpo



Join us this year at the most successful art show and sale in Eastern Ontario. Meet your customers, connect or reconnect with your peers and have an amazing time. We are a not for profit corporation formed to provide an opportunity for artists to display and sell their art at an affordable price, without commission, and in a venue that provides an attractive and prestigious setting. The jury will be looking for 71 artists who possess the highest levels of talent, skill and creativity. The majority of those awarded places by the jury must come necessarily from Ottawa and the Valley. The other places are open to any and all artists throughout Canada.

Apply by June 15, 2015 at the Registration Page



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