The Ottawa Art Expo is one of the most prestigious art festivals on the planet, celebrating years of art history in the city. Celebrating decades of wonderful art of the great country of Canada, the Ottawa Art Expo showcases not only the best artists in the country, but also the world. We bring in artists from virtually every country, each with their own unique talents and styles, making it the best way to get introduced to new art and appreciate its appeal.

Art is something that everything revolves around and that everyone can appreciate at a different level. What one person sees when it comes to art is not what someone else might see. That is the beauty of art and perception. It’s what makes us all different and the same at once. Being able to enjoy art together and separately, is one of the many ways in which it enriches our lives and what the Ottawa Art Expo is all about.

We are glad to share our perspective on art and community with those that we care about as well as our community through generous donors such as Blake’s hard cider. Through generous donations and the work of the artists, we have developed an expo that is second to none in terms of diversity and artistic expression. Perhaps it is the location of the expo or the way in which we present it, but it truly has an impact on people’s lives. From the exhibits to the courses that we offer, our style of art appreciation is nothing like anything in the world.

The best part

Is that we have the resources needed to created the best art exhibit in the world. To share what we have learned through art and community with the people around us, to better appreciate art and everything that it offers to enrich people’s lives. Through our generous donors and the artists that make the event possible, we are able to give people a deeper glimpse into art, Ottawa, and art as it pertains to our humanity.

Whether it is through the people or the city, there is one thing for certain, that the Ottawa Art Expo is something that brings people together in epic fashion. A cluster of community and art oriented people set on changing the way that people think about art, life, and the city of Ottawa. Bringing people from all around the world to interact in a single community is what we do, the way that we contribute to the betterment of humanity, from artists to physical therapists.

True to form, we look for the best in people and art to make our community great. Giving us the ability to learn more here and improve the world around us. Art helps us not only share our common experiences, but also lets us improve the world around us. Not only do we offer community services, but we also offer a way in which to connect with the rest of the world and to show them how we, as people can learn to live in greater harmony.